While Southland Credit Union’s expanded Southern California footprint had come through decades of acquisitions of other financial institutions, they were about to open a brand new branch in Long Beach that they were building from the ground up. This was the first time in years that they had selected a new branch location based on geographic opportunity. It was an expensive undertaking so it was critical that they get everything right. So they reached out to Grail for help. We started with a research study that dimensionalized the ways in which the name “Southland” evokes the many positive features of life in Southern California. While that was great news, the study also brought to light weaknesses in the long-standing logo which was seen as dark and dated. Armed with these insights we undertook a brand communications overhaul based on a new brand positioning that stakes out the warm, welcoming optimism inherent in the credit union’s roots in Southern California. The new campaign showcases an updated, modern logo and theme: “Welcome to the Southland.”